P.D.S. Senior Secondary School

Admission Process


Admission Process

The students applying for admission are as per rules subjected to a test.

  1. The child should be 3+ (Three plus) for LKG and 5+ (Five plus) for Class-l as on first April.

  2. Students seeking admission for the Class lind and above should submit a transfer certificate from previous school and in no case shall a scholar be permitted to attend classes pending formal admission

  3. A student joining the school for the first time, must produce satisfactory evidence of his/her date of birth such as an extract from the Municipal or Village Records

  4. The Date of Birth once entered will not be changed

  5. If a student comes from an un-recognized school his/her admission can be had only after his/her T.C, the inspector of the schools is countersigned by

  6. Students promoted to class-l from K.G. will have to seek fresh admission.

  7. In the case of late admission of a student the fee from the beginning of the first term shall be charged

Grade Age
LKG 3+
UKG 4+
I 5+
II 6+
III 7+
IV 8+
V 9+
VI 10+
VII 11+
VIII 12+
IX 13+

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